Prime Services

Pre-Construction Services
Constructibility review
Prime General Contractors has extensive expertise in providing constructability reviews of all plans and specifications.  Building on our experience, our recommendations increase the quality and constructability of systems, methods and/or materials.  For example simply detail modifications that better reflect common practices in the subcontracting marketplace.  Familiarity improves both subcontractor pricing and the quality of work on site.

Construction Estimating
Conceptual Estimates
Upon selection, Prime General Contractors begins our engagement by meeting with the owner and architect to establish or confirm the building program and to understand the range of project objectives the owner has in mind.  It is useful at the beginning to assemble a baseline control budge using a combination of historical data, subcontractor input and our own personal experience to understand the overall scope of work.

Together, as a team, we will pursue areas of design modification, explore alternative materials or systems and begin life-cycle cost analysis to lead the project toward a desired financial outcome.  This sort of design phase cost analysis is the best approach to avoiding unexpected cost or program surprises later in the process.  It also is a reliable technique to mitigate or avoid costly re-design efforts.

GMP Estimates

Proposal Request Estimates
Whether technically called "design-build" or "negotiated team", we believe that the greatest value for the owner is derived from combining the talents of architect and builder at the first stages of design.

General Construction/Construction Management
Our approach to construction management is proactive. We emphasize in-depth construction planning throughout the project schedule, excellent communication with the owner and design team, timely and on-the-spot resolution of issues as they arise and, most important, always focusing ahead to anticipate problems and take corrective action when needed. It is our job to minimize or eliminate any undue financial risk for our clients at all points in the process.

Budget Control
Cost control during construction is very important for maintaining overall project objectives.  As your general contractor/construction manager, we will monitor and verify that all costs are reasonable with regard to the contract requirements. Change order requests will be evaluated for validity, budget impact, and appropriateness.  Cost control must be maintained throughout the project to be effective.

Quality Control

Subcontractor Scope Outline

Project Close-Out
When all punch list items are complete, we will review and compare all submittals for completeness and compliance with the contract requirements. We will prepare a list of all items oustanding such as warranties and certifications, as-built drawings, final lien waivers, ets.  After all required items have been submitted and all work has been completed, we will review the final billing for compliance with the requirements of the contract and will process it in accordance with the requirements of the contract, the general conditions, and any specific requirements set forth by our clients.

Startup and Commissioning
Prime General Contractors recognizes that the efficient and cost effective operation of a new building or new space is largely dependent upon the provision of a structured and fully developed program covering systems start-up and commissioning. We will take responsibility for completing the commissioning program, specifically the integration of all project systems. The Startup and Commissioning Plan will include procedures to test all systems through the range of functional and performance scenarios. The plan will consist of:

  • Plans for testing all equipment and systems
  • Procedures to approve operational condition of all systems prior to testing
  • Procedures for accepting the facilities and turnover for operations
  • Training owner’s facility management staff